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Hi and welcome.

I'm Helen. I am an introvert, and I'm in business.

And I'm proud to be founder of both

Introverts in Business & Helo Video

Hello I'm Helen Lord, founder of

Introverts in Business


Helo Video

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As an introvert I know only too well the challenges other introverts face -

AND I know what unique qualities we have that can serve us so well in business when we know how to fully embrace and use them. 


What I offer is courses and coaching around much of the inner and outer work involved in creating your business your way - your version of success as an introvert in business.


One of the most powerful things I've found that helped me in business is video





I started Helo Video to help people who struggle, feel overwhelmed or clueless about videos and online meetings.


And when I say help… I mean help you to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD, FIND YOUR VOICE AND BE SEEN AND HEARD ONLINE AND ON VIDEOso that you can create engaging videos that get you noticed and make an impact in online meetings - be at your best online, every time.


even if

* you’ve spent your entire life wanting to be noticed but not wanting to stand out

* you hate being on camera and it takes so much effort to build up to hitting the button to record

*you hate the techy stuff and don’t know how to get started

* you want to run a mile from Zoom or Teams meetings

You’ve probably found your way here because.... ​

you’re an introvert, a business owner or an entrepreneur and you want to discover different ways of being in business that make it possible for you to thrive maintain your energy levels, be consistent and enjoy what you do.


  • you want to find ways to work that work for you that stop you getting overwhelmed
  • maybe you look at the way others are doing it and thing surely there's a better way
  • maybe you want to work the hours in your business that you want,
  • you want to have energy left for you and your family


  • maybe you long to make videos that engage  but either you hate being on camera or you haven’t got a clue about how to get started,


If that's you.... you're in the right place, welcome!


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"I'm feeling very proud.  this is going to help me feel more comfortable and confident in myself personally but also in my working life which was originally primarily why I did this.  This has helped me with my nerves and with my confidence and feeling more comfortable."


Wendy May, Kent Trading Standards

Working with Helen was amazing, I had so much fear about making videos to post on social media and Helen helped me to understand that fear to get rid of it. We worked out a positive affirmation to say before making the video and this led me to post a video into a group with 600,000 people in it, So I can’t thank Helen enough for her help. 

Susan Cox

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